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Bitcoin Art Gallery® is the worlds first exclusive Fine Art Gallery Dedicated to Original Fine Works of Art Focused on the topic of "Bitcoin". Located in Wynwood Miami Florida.
We are open M-F 10am-5PM with Appointment. Works are for sale online and we ship world wide.


Schnapepes Lady

Pepelangelo50x60 cmOil in canvas$14,000

You can only guess how blissful this lady's face is. But we know exactly what kind of tiles she has on the floor.

Its a Bubble!

Pepelangelo42×47cmOil in canvas$12,000

Carefree Pepe in a straw hat, wind and sky, sunbeams and white cotton on the skin. Let's relax and enjoy soap bubbles without thinking about anything .. What did you think? That this is pain-
ting about crypto?

Winter Is Here

Pepelangelo50x60cmMixed Medium$12,000

Your golden BTC halo shines, but the flowers in your wreath wither. There are tears in your eyes, what are you crying about, angel? Is this the first snow of this crypto winter?

Road to the Future

Pepelangelo162x88 CMOil on Canvas$30,000

Orange Pill

Sarah Foster24x18 inchesAcrylic on Canvas$20,000

In the piece titled "Orange Pill", Sarah plays with the idea of human
consciousness, and the transformative power of the Bitcoin pheno-menon. The mouth represents our collective voice, our ability to com-municate, and the power of human expression. The iconic "orange pill," a visual metaphor represents the profound awakening and immersion into the world of Bitcoin. This piece encourages contempla tion of the impact of digital currencies on our economic structures, personal freedoms, and the potential for financial empowerment.

The Bitcoin Venus

Sarah Foster24×36 InchesAcrylic on Canvas$20,000

Peace Maker

Johnny Dollar16x20 inchesAcrylic on Canvas$12,000

The happy Bitcoin Bear presents a flower of peace, with the Colt 45 revolver in the background. This gun was revolutionary technology, a game changer invention of the 19th century, often called "the great equalizer" or "the peace maker."It was easy to use and allowed anyone to defend themselves, just point and shoot.Now even the little saloon girl could defend herself against the biggest roughest cowboy. It was the gun that tamed the Wild West.

How High The Moon

Johnny Dollar24×36 InchesAcrylic on Canvas$30,000

Crossbows And Cryptography

Johnny Dollar16×20 InchesMixed Media on Canvas$30,000

"This device will bring an end to civilization" said Pope Innocent of the crossbow in the 11th Century. He was right. It helped bring about the end of feudalism. At the time a knight was like a battle tank almost invinci-ble. Swords and longbows took years to master. But with the crossbow a simple peasant could learn to point and shoot in minutes and defeat a knight or the feudal lord's tax collector.This painting, inspired by Chuck Ham-mill's 1987 essay "From Crossbows To Cryptography: Techno-Thwarting The State" in which he compares crossbows and cryptography, as well other technologies which have and can be used to equalize the power structure and fight
tyranny. His essay was mounted on canvas, and then painted on top. Paint was subtracted from certain section to highlight certain words and phrases.

Andy Risquez

Andrés Risquez AKA elRAiSE, is a Venezuelan/ North American artist based in Miami. The artist currently lives and works between Miami and Caracas,

Johnny Dollar

The art has been called Post-Pop Surrea lism, cryptoanarchy and cypherpunk inspired art exploring themes of priva cy, surveillance, copyright, hive-mind thinking, virtual-reality, and identity.
Questioning humanity's ever increasing interplay with technology whether that be digital, mechanical, pharmaceutical, or linguistic.
Johnny Dollar is obviously not my real name, but pseudonym, a handle. I sign my paintings with my real name then cover my name with masking tape and sign it Johnny Dollar. The masking tape is a form of "encryption." The "masking tape encryption" can always be removed to reveal my real identity, and is a metaphor for the false sense of privacy that we have in this brave new digital world.


Juliette Garzón AKA Juls Art is a Venezuelan pop art, bitcoin sculpture artist.


Olga Vishnevskaya, AKA Pepelangelo is 29 years old and was born in the city of Kovrov, a small city with many military industries three hours from Moscow, but now she lives in Tbilisi, Georgia. She has been drawing and painting since 2017, when Pepelangelo was born as a project and a phenomenon. In her youth, she was a regular visitor to anonymous ima-geboards, where she saw some Pepe memes. In the Rus-sian-speaking segment of the Internet, he has always been a symbol of loneliness, melancholy and bright sadness, he has never had a political context. She had a folder on her desktop with her favorite Pepes.Later, Pepe became a set of geometric shapes for her - here is light, and here is shadow. Here is yellow and here is green.
And now his head is turned and the light falls in a different place... Pepe has become her artist's training equipment. At some point, she was terribly tired of green paint, people only wanted Pepe paintings from her. She felt trapped and a prisoner of Pepe. Now Pepe is a whole layer of culture for her and a huge community. In such a short time, Pepe's existence has become such a complex cultural phenomenon that it can no longer be explained in a small text.

Sarah Foster

Within this collection of acrylic paintings, Sarah Foster draws upon her appreciation of art history, reinterpreting its iconic imagery, motifs, and concepts within the context of Bitcoin. By incorporating Bitcoin symbolism, such as an "orange pill" or Antminer 59, into compositions, she creates visual narratives that reflect the dynamism and possibilities this technology represents. The vibrant colors and use of acrylic medium enhance the visual impact of her artwork, enhancing it with energy and vitality. Sarah Foster is a visual artist living in Kansas City, Missouri and creates primarily in acrylic and ceramic. She received her BA of Visual Arts and BA of Science in Art
Education in 2021.


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